Comparison Between Retail Signage And Video Conferencing

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Technology has brought so much of an ease in our lifestyle. It has helped us in so many ways that we have almost become dependent upon their usage. One such form of technology is the introduction of LED signs. LED is basically an abbreviation used for the light emitting diode. It is represented through an arrow symbol in the centre and two electrodes at the opposite sides. These electrodes are known as cathode (- sign) and anodes (+ signs). One of which is used for the entrance of current and another is used as an exit of the current.  LED is used in various forms and ways to help us out in our daily lives. These things can vary from the led signs to the projectiles. The signage that are installed in retail companies are also incorporated with the light emitting diodes. This signage helps us by guiding us to the particular brand. In this article; we will be comparing the retail signage and video conferencing solutions.

Retail signage:

Retail signage is basically defined as the products that are used to guide the direction o the customer about particular brand or company. Besides that; theses signs also helps in providing the customers about the basic information of the product. These signs can be made from different materials like wood, plastic, metal, paints and banners. All of these products have proved to be helpful in guiding customers but nothing can beat the capacity of the digital retail signage.  These signs are installed with LED signs which clearly represent the signs and information. Besides that; one of the biggest plus points of digital signage is that they are prominent in dark as well because they emit light which displays the sign in the best way possible.

Comparison between retail signage and video conferencing:

Even though both; retail signage as well as video conferencing has been installed with LED signs but there are some differences that distinguish them from each other. It has been very rare that retail signs have been installed with sound system but video conferencing solutions are always incorporated with sound system because they are used in conferences or meetings to present and project a video. Besides that; the purpose of retail signage is to guide the way to the customers towards as particular in light as well as dark but the purpose of video conferencing is the projection or display of your projects.


The introduction of LED lights and digital display system has helped mankind in more than one way. These signs help in guiding people towards particular brand, in the projection of videos, in the display of various companies and so much more. “Zaxsons” offers the best quality of retail signage as well as video conferencing in hobart.