poly piping irrigation systems melbourne

The growth of the crops is associated with several factors. It comprises pH of the soil, minerals in the water, salinity, the temperature of the surrounding, and many more. In this section, our main concern is poly piping irrigation systems that proffer the maximum water to the land with appropriate flow rates without breaks, and cracks.

Poly Piping Irrigation System:

Rainwater is the basic source of water that fulfil the need of the crops, but when there is less rainfall, the farmer adopts irrigation. The irrigation is a manoeuver by the poly piping irrigation systems. The selection of an appropriate pipe is the main concern of the contractors. The poly pipe fitting must have the following characteristics, it comprises fire resistance, chemical resistance, low thermal conductivity, and corrosion-resistant. The poly pipe fittings include sprinkles, centre pivot, trickle, and drip irrigation procedures. The convenience regarding poly piping irrigation systems includes:

  • The poly pipe fitting minimizes the loss of water as the piping preserves the evaporation.
  • When the farmer reduces the use of the water, it reserves the energy sources.
  • The poly pipe fitting preserves the expenditure of labour.

Polyethylene Pipe Fitting:

The polyethylene pipe fittings are the implementation of the thermoplastic material. It is flexible and durable. The polyethylene pipe fittings are more convenient as compared to PVC. These are corrosion resistance, the inner side is thicker, and preserve the pipe from break and cracks. It has a long life span and preserves the leaks.

Irrigation Riser Pipe:

The proper growth of the plants, and absorbed moisture is the main concern of the irrigation. Without water, the land is nothing. Many components remain in consideration before selecting the irrigation riser pipe. Some factors should remain under consideration.

  • The flow rate of the irrigation riser pipe is more crucial before its design and implementation. Mostly, the requirement of these riser pipes is 1220 ml per day. The diameter and the flow rate is the basic requirement of the crop’s growth. The irrigation riser pipe works at a slow flow rate. The slow flow of water is absorbed in the soil more keenly and penetrates deep into the soil. In some cases, the high flow rate may wash the fertile layer of the soil.
  • The proper layout is associated with the running operation of the irrigation riser pipe. As it has to be installed before harvesting the crops, the proper care and implementation are requisite.
  • The irrigation riser pipe is connected with the pump that pulls the water from a pump. The technician suggests working with one bay at a time. When two bays are installed, the flow rate of the riser may effective and causes an inefficient irrigation procedure.