Labour Market Records Steady Growth Over The Year

The official stats released in January 2020 have indicated a steady growth in the labour market in Australia. Both – the full-time and part-time employment markets – have added to new workers to their folds. It is not very hard to find labour work in the country if you have right training and skills for a job. However, the process of job-seeking can be very challenging, especially if you are doing it on your own, and are not registered with a recruitment agency. The trusted labour hire companies specialise in the field of hiring into positions of varying tenures. The employers generally do not have standalone departments for people seeking labour work. They, to benefit from the cost-effectiveness and efficiency – outsource this role to specialist recruitment agencies. The agencies act on their behalf to search, interview and sign-in the candidates that fit descriptions of the vacant positions. Here is why you as a worker should consider seeking employment through a recruitment agency. 

  • The registration for job seekers is free with the job agencies western suburbs in Melbourne. They charge their fee to employers.
  • You are informed as and when a role i.e. permanent, temporary, contractual, short-term and long-term fitting your qualifications, skills and experience, comes up.
  • They can advise you and even assist you in the final interview preparations. The HR staff at these agencies generally has years of the field experience and they know the market from the strategic perspective.
  • You can get help in improving your profile by rightly adding your qualifications and experience so it attracts more employers.
  • The recruitment agencies are especially help for workers seeking temporary labour work. You can fill in various brief roles to enhance your income capacity even when you have full-time positions.
  • You can seek an advice on the need for further training and skill development, which is key to advancement of your career. It is even more helpful if you feel stagnant in your career.
  • You can even participate in their workshops and training sessions, which they organize for the workers, from time to time. It will help you develop better understanding of your circumstances in relation to the job market conditions.
  • They agencies staff is always very helpful in finding a new position whenever you are available on the maturity of previous contract or termination of the employment.
  • You as a job-seeker do not have any obligation or compulsion and are free to chose a role that best fits your situation, your skills and experience.

Tips for people seeking labour work

  • Register yourself immediately.
  • Give easily accessible contact details.
  • Inform the agency staff whenever you are available for a role or shift.
  • Inform the agency in case of you are facing any discrimination or difficulty at an organization.
  • Inform them about updating your profile.
  • Have a flexible and adaptable approach.
  • Give the agency your feedback on any other issue.
  • Honour your commitments and terms of your contract.