Role Of Lawyers In Society

The society only exists when people get what they are born to have. That is freedom and justice. No society can be called a free society if there is no rule of law in that society. This is the reason the best societies are based on the best practices of law. To maintain this balance in society and to advocate the rights of people, the lawyers are in the front row.

The lawyers in Cheltenham are those people who will interpret the law for the layman and also give them support in advocating their rights. Without the help of a lawyer, society may not be able to prevail. They are the people who aid in creating balance in society. The following are the crucial roles that are played by lawyers to maintain the rule of law.

Interpreting the Law:

The law books are made keeping in mind to cover all the aspects of society and its residents. For the layman, it is not possible to understand the law language easily. The lawyer always helps to become the bridge between the language of law and people. They will translate the law terms to the understanding of people, and they will also guide them to follow the right path to get their rights.

Representing the people:

There can be many situations where people might feel that act of government or any other entity is damaging their lawful rights. If they feel that they should be compensated for such activities, then the lawful way is to hire the lawyer and initiate the lawsuit. A person may not be able to initiate the lawsuit on its own due to lack of knowledge is the law. But the same deficiency will be covered by a lawyer who will assist to initiate the lawsuit and will also educate them how they will be able to get what they want. Maybe lawyer may deny for such initiation if they think that claimant case is not as per law or misinterpreted it. The lawyer will help the claimant to understand that right interpretation as per law to withdraw its claims.


The prime lawyers that role play is the mediator between two parties. Many situations can be settled without lawsuits or out of court. This will help to save the time of the court, lawyers and parties if they manage to reach an understanding that is beneficial for both parties. In mediation, the lawyers work as the facilitator for both parties to negotiate the terms of agreements and they can also encourage both parties to settle. This can help both parties to avoid spending their resources on lawsuits and proceedings in court. Many a time both parties can reach an agreement without any heated dispute. This helps in creating harmony among two parties and every party reach a win-win situation in the end.