Use Of Fasteners As Mechanical Accessories

Concrete anchor bolts

Mechanics is a field that is composed of large machineries to small accessories that act as fixtures in mechanical joints. These accessories are the objects that are small in structure but are predominantly the most significant of any connection. Such structures are called as fasteners. It is technical hardware object that at some point joins two similar of different objects together. These connections can surely be removed, repaired and replaced by new ones if needed due to up-gradation or damage encountered. Nuts and bolts are some of the few examples of fastening devices used in the mechanical applications like welding. Concrete anchor bolts are the fastening tools that are used to dig into concrete objects and can link two concrete based materials together in a fixed shape. The hole created by such anchor bolts in concrete is about 1/4rth of the structure, making a deep joint in it. Diameter of the bolt used for the applications will determine the depth of hole created and subsequently strength of assembly.


Fasteners as the word describe is the device that could act as a fixer or joint between two similar or different objects. In the field of mechanics, fasteners are referred as the essential elements which are recruited to be used as accomplice among the connection between two materials. These can be screws, nuts, bolts, nails etc. as they fasten, connect, link or compact as surface to another by creating holes or patch between them.

Fasteners are type of hardware which are usually present as spare parts in residences and are a mandatory part of a mechanic’s tool kit used for repair purposes. These structures are mainly made up of a head and body part which both becomes the component of a complete mechanical assembly when used in mechanical or industrial applications.

Concrete anchor bolts

One of the types of bolts which are frequently found in many concrete made structures is the concrete anchor bolt. These as the name suggest offer anchorage stability to structures made up of concrete. These bolts vary in their conformation and size depending upon the application or activity in which they will be used. Among the many versions of concrete anchor bolts available in the market, some of the basics are wedge, sleeve, stud, strike and split drive anchor bolts.

All these mentioned concrete anchor bolts belong to the same class but widely vary in homology, function, anchorage direction and the type of applications. These bolt fastening devices joins concrete with material like wood, steel, stainless steel, metal, plastic and even in enlarged machineries. The connection by them is either light or strong based on the assembly being formulated by their use.


Fasteners are important structural and mechanical elements that are predominantly involved in joining and creating links between two objects. Concrete anchor bolts are specialized bolts that join a concrete structure with its subsequent part either made up of wood, plastic, metal or other type of concrete.